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Valentine knickers

The ultimate christmas gift

Free KeyRing Panty

Emergency keyring panty - only £7.00

Gift wrapping service included

Knickers are wrapped in tissue, packaged in colour toned gift boxes and finally wrapped.


The ultimate gift - any message on any knicker so Say it With Knickers®

The largest selection of personalised knickers on the web. SayitWithknickers are comfortable, look good, stay in place and we have sizes to suit everyone.

Any of our knickers can have your special christmas message

Christmas Knickers


Personalised christmas knickers
Wedding Knickers


Personalised wedding knickers
Romantic Knickers


Personalised romantic knickers
Victorian Knickers


Personalised Victorian knickers
Sheer Knickers


Personalised sheer knickers
Tennis knickers


Personalised Tennis knickers
Football knickers


Personalised football knickers
Velvet Knickers


Personalised velvet knickers
Rouched Bridal knickers


Rouched Bridal knickers
Cotton Knickers


Personalised cotton knickers
Vintage Sheer knickers


Personalised Vintage Sheer knickers
Keyring Panty


Keyring Panty

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